Assigned Video positions in gallery

I’m looking for a way pre-configure the gallery and assign specific invites to specific location on the gallery.

For instance, I expect there to be 20 people on the call. I want there to be 4 rows of 5 in the gallery view.

I send each of the 20 people a unique meeting id so that John is assigned row 2, column 3 and Jane is assigned row 1 column 5, etc.



For me it would even be sufficiant when each person in a video call has the same gallery position across all screens.

We do our Dailys with Jitsi and normally we would go around as we stand. So the way how we “stand” should be the same for all.

Is that an expensive feature?

See also Custom video layout across all users

Hi Mitziman,
would the view from works for your need ?


Hey maxired,

this is awesome.

I like the way, the “table” is organized - there is no hierachie involved.

Is it open source? Could we use it for our own Jitsi instance?

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It’s custom development on their own server. It would be interesting to release as free open source. It’s a good example of possible improvements to Jitsi Meet.

Thanks for the feedback.
For now this is indeed closed source.
I am thinking about a way to share it easily.
Would an exension works for you ?

Actually we were hoping to modify it to a round table session for smaller groups but also with some self moderation features and voting functions.


I made an open source simplified version of a round table.
This is available on
and code is

This is dead simple for now and handle only layout of people in a circle,
but might be a base to build what you want.


@maxired thanks for making an effort and making its source available. Could you tell a little about the structure? i’ve to yet clone and review the src however, you think it would be easily to add call hang up buttons and all to the jitsi-standup? sorry, i haven’t really worked much thoroughly and thought i’d ask this question and then dive into your code :slight_smile:

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Hello Maxired,

Could you share , how to mute/ unmute the parcipant for audio / video when he is out of bowl.


Hi Innovation,

All the logic I use is inside the frontend.
Regarding muting the video and the audio, it is done by each participant,
in a middleware, using


Regarding the audio, I have another layer where each person forces the local volume of people depending of their position.

 const video = VideoLayout.getSmallVideo(;
 video._setAudioVolume(hasVolume ? 1 : 0);

Thank you Maxired.
You are amazing to reply so quickly.

Could you guide me what to do, where, a small code help will be very appreciated. So I could achieve

Thank you

Hello @maxired , waiting for your help please.

Curious if anyone has solved this yet. Im a video engineer, and post pandemic Im doing virtual meetings.

My current need is the same. I need to aggregate a few meeting participants, like a discussion panel and design a layout that cannot change whether or not they are connected.

The reason for that is I am using an area of interest where i crop each panelist from a jitsi meeting and then map them in my video switcher into a premade template. Think of a TV show with a panel discussion for example. If they were to lose connection, I cannot have the Jitsi lauout dynamically change or it will effecr my area of interest mapping in my video switcher.

Anyway, my max layout is 9, so if anyone is able to help or point me in the right direction I would be quite thankful. Im trying to avoid having one computer per panelist as my source.

Hello Maxired

Please help if you have some time to guide, where to write code for unmuting the participant.

Thank you in advance.