Aspiring to contribute to JitSi via GSoC 22!

Hello there,
I have been waiting for GSoC since many months and now I finally have a project (JitSi) to which I can make contributions :smiley:. Also I heard in this community that we can give our own feature idea too ! I have an amazing feature that we can add into JitSi but not sure how I can present my idea .

Any guidance would be of great help :slight_smile:

Hi there and welcome to our community!

We are still a few weeks out of the applications period, which is a great moment for discussing ideas. This very post is a good place to do that!

Feature idea :tada: : A “Download Attendance” button for the host of the meeting.

The problem : A considerable number of our users might be teachers taking classes online or even office people who would require a log of the attendance of all the participants in the meeting. Currently there is no such feature on our JitSi or even on other video conferencing tools that can provide a proper visualization or even simple excel data about the attendance

Solution : We can put up a “Download Attendance” Button for the meeting host by clicking on which, the host will be able to download the attendance data of that particular meeting (maybe in excel format or other formats)

The Data : The data that we could export as a download can contain important information like :

First Join time

Last session “left” time

Overall number of minutes for which the participant was in the meeting

Importance of this data : This data will help academic institutions , corporates and anyone who is willing to keep a track of the attendance of the participants.

I am happy to get your reply. I hope to get your valuable feedback . Thank you :smiley:

FYI, this is already possible using event_sync module (for self-hosted Jitsi) and JaaS WebHooks (for JaaS customers) except the implementer needs to set up the endpoints to receive those API calls and aggregate the data.

It does however offer a lot of flexibility and possibilities in how that data can then be used e.g. integrated into another application for real time attendance status and call histories, emailing attendance summaries to moderators on meeting end, etc.