Asking a question about JITSI MEET API Compatibility

I have some questions related to Jitsi meet API (embedded one). Is there any compatibility issue with Jitsi meet API. Will I face any problem if I run my web Appilication (which has embedded jitsi meet api) on any specific chrome/mozilla/ version.

Like Jitsi meet API is supported only above version of chrome version x.y (anything)

And please reply same for any android version compatibility issue , will it work if I run my web application on chrome browser of android 4.4.

Or please give me any official link.
Thanks in advance.

Not sure at the moment what is the minimum chrome version we support (I believe its chrome 68 at the moment), but for example for Firefox we try not to break later ESR release, but anything older than that may break.

I think mobile does not work on anything older than android 5 and iOS 11.

@damencho Thanks for quick reply.

One more thing I want to clear. I have an android device version 4.4.4. I am trying to access jitsi website on chrome of my android device. I get these errors.

When I try to access my web application having embedded JITSI meet API in chrome browser of my android device. when I try to create room ( hit API). I get these errors.

Now I want to know.

  1. As Jitsi meet site is not accessible on chrome of my android device. is there anything wrong with my device /or jitsi website/ API will not work on my android device on any browser.

  2. In my web application which some buttons and Jitsi meet API. getting many errors as you have seen in last screenshot. Is there any way I can fix those errors. So that I can run my application on my android device.

Chrome version on android 4.4.4 device is 47.0

I doubt so older chrome will work ā€¦

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Hey @damencho is there anything that i can change or do to run jitsi on chrome v53?

I guess reverting jitsi-meet to a version from 4 years ago would work for that version, but will not be working for newer versions.

will iframe(jitsi-meet api) work in older chrome versions? if yes how can i revert it?

Iā€™m not sure what is the state of such an older version and was there iframeAPI at all ā€¦ you can download the packets from by hand and install them, but make sure you purge the current release and install everything by hand ā€¦