Ask moderator to set password for room when creating one

Dear all,
I would like to have the possibility to ask the moderator to set a password for the room itself, immediately after the room is created. The problem that we have is, sometimes the moderators, that create rooms, forget to set a password by clicking on “i” button and set a password. Therefore, I would like to have a popup where there is a field and the moderator has to set a room password, before the video conference is started.

Such capability is available for displayname by activating // requireDisplayName: true, where the user has to enter his display name before he is allowed to enter the conference. I’d like to implement similar thing but for setting the room password by the moderator.

Thank you for your time and your suggestions.


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I join the request, is there a way to do what “Echelon” asks? Similar to “requireDisplayName: true” but to set the conference password