Ask about config jitsi meet, jitsi video-bridge and jicofo


Dear team,

I’m learning about config in However, I do not find some configs in github release code. Could you please share with me all configs in jitsimeet, jitsi video-bridge and jicofo?

Thanks in advance.
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Which configs do you mean?
Everything that is running on or is deployed from the debian packages, which are produced by the code you can find on github.


I want to see full config jitsi video-bridge and jicofo
Can you show me


hi tungns4-topica,

all you need for the first start you can see in a really nice tut on youtube.


Thank Edd!
But i need config advanced config


tell us what you want to configure, what is you destination?


My trouble occurs when many users use Firefox, it’s in formula remoteTrackAdded in modules/RTC/TraceablePeerConnection.js. For example, when I filtered arrays containing msid = streamid, the right result shown should be one msid only, while the wrong one had lots of msid shown as below:

As a result, the camera is black and shows nothing.

Could you help me with this problem? I would like to see all advanced configs in jitsi-meet , jitsi video-bridge and jicofo.