As server-owner: how to inspect number of running conferences?

Repeatedly, I encounter severely increasing CPU usage through java. When I stop & start the jitsi-videobridge2 service, the CPU usage gets low. I suspect bot user opening conferences.
I don’t know how to inspect the number of active conferences (with their corresponding number of participants. This is generally interesting information - besides the Java/CPU problem (therefore, the CPU issue is not in the title section.

You can query the JVB on https://<address>:8080/colibri/stats it will return a json with stats regarding current participants / conferences / etc.

More details:

Many thanks for your reply.
My config says that ENABLE_STATISTICS=true (= default, contrary to statement on the page you referred to. However STATISTICS_TRANSPORT=muc, which is associated with a ToDo.
Basically, it seems that the private http is not active due to a failing cli --apis parameter.

ps aux says that this parameter is empty ("–apis=,") - comma only. I changed it to “rest” and restarted the service.

Independent of this, I’ll create a cronjob that restarts videobridge every 24 hours. Prior to manual restart now, I encountered around 17 % Java CPU, afterwards only 1-5 %.