Armel build for Devuan / Debian / Ubuntu

I am currently compiling Meet on a raspberry Pi because some of the .deb packages are x86 only. Of course if I can make it work I am willing to create appropriate armel packages for others to use.

For this I would need some input from the .deb packages maintainer, so that my packages play nice with the existing ones (it would be wasteful to repackage the whole thing, only the architecture-specific ones should be needed)

What kind of input do you need from our side?

Information on the structure of the existent package set : what would be the minimal package set to create (I’m guessing the ones that have the arch in the name), what should go in each, and the external dependencies (although that I can get from my package manager I guess) for each would be great.

I am not very familiar with Ant, and the root build.xml is quite long, so I fear I might misinterprt things if I don’t have external guidance :wink: