Are there any user amount limitations for 1 on 1 video chats with just 2 people per video chat

how many individual 1&1 video chats can happen at 1 time with 2 people per video chat

There’s no limit, as far as I know. It all depends on your infrastructure and what it can hold.

So you’re not sure

1:1 meetings usually don’t go through the bridge at all, as they connect peer-to-peer[1]. They do still require some resources on the bridge as we have things ready to change over to a bridge connection seamlessly, but hopefully the number should be very high (I don’t have an exact number, though).

[1] There are some exceptions to this: if the 2 clients aren’t able to connect peer-to-peer, they will use the bridge instead.

not sure what the bridge is but i think peer to peer and being web rtc based the numbers should be very hi as opposed to many in one video chat

from what else i understand is if it is true webrtc set up with no restrictions i can use my server as the turn server and the rest is ip to ip once the connection is made relieving me of any load on my server but just the initial connection

i just dont know if they are set up like this