Are there any alternatives to recording or streaming with jibri

I wanted have a private instance running for a school which mention it needs support 200 conference with approx 50 user per conference with recording. However running 200 different Jibri might not be feasible. Is their better way to record without doing recording at client side ? Has this been done by someone? If yes can mention details of it was implemented and system requirements needed.

For server side your option is Jibri. On client side you have a lot of options, but I’m afraid you won’t have alternative for Jibri on the server end.

If you don’t want to run 200 jibri instances all the time then you can design an auto-scaling system.

You can use the custom rtmp destination hack and forward the stream to a different media server that understand rtmp and recording like Nginx or Red5 or wowza or anything media server and have that system record the stream.

You cans do this for multiple streams in parallel. These servers are build to do simultaneous recordings. You won’t need to worry about scalability much.

You would still need an instance of Jibri for every RTMP you’re sending from Jitsi (livestreaming).

Oh so you mean even for forwarding the stream we need separate Jibri instance for each separate rtmp stream ?

Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I get it now. Thanks! . Also - bummer :disappointed: