Are my server specs enough for 40+ people?

I have Jitsi and Jibri running on seperate servers both AX41-nvmes with Hetzner. We are planning to test the Jitsi server on Friday with 40+ people with 3 or 4 people on camera and most people’s cameras and on mute as its a webinar.

Are my server requirements enough to handle 40 people +? Ideally we want to be able to have 60-100 people in one video webinar. Mostly with just a few people using video.

(Dedicated Root Server Hosting - Hetzner Online GmbH)

Should be fine.

Hey thanks! I did find your post reassuring. The webinar went well. Our only major problem at this point was that the after the presenter stopped sharing his screen his camera would not come back. There was a “Connect Lost” against his name. We asked him to turn on his webcam on and off which didn’t fix it. His audio was fine. We had a total of 20 participants with 3 or 4 people using video.

Overall good.
Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Do you reproduce this every time? What was the browser and it version? Maybe collecting js console logs and uploading it here will help diagnose it.

Thanks! What SPECs on the server do you recommend for a single server to handle 100 delegates comfortably in good image quality? I know in another post you recommended aws m5.xlarge but I am looking at Hetzner servers right now. Would a 1 Gbit/s or guaranteed bandwidth be sufficient?

We want to stream in the best quality we can as it’s supposed to be an academic conference. We probably won’t have 100 delegates online at once but it should be able to manage this comfortably. Sorry for all the questions. Many thanks for taking the time.

So the bridge can handle 100 sender participants in a single conference, but to be on the save side you will need two bridges.
The bandwidth depends on what people are looking in the meeting so the needed bandwidth may vary. In the worst-case scenario, you will need 350Mbit/s for inbound and same for outbound, this is the case when everyone in the meeting is looking at a different participant on stage.
In the ideal scenario where everyone is following the one on stage, you will need 55Mbit/s in and out (one 720p and the rest 360p), or with tile view for everybody roughly the same bandwidth (or less).

Thanks! So is it possible to run 2 bridges one server? Or should they be separate servers?

I was hoping for around 720p per person.

You better separate bridges from the signaling node.

There is a layer suspension, so if no one is looking at your 720p you are not sending it. That’s why if everyone is looking at the same person on stage you have only that person sending 720p, but if everyone is looking at a different participant on stage (has pinned a different one) you will get all sending 720p.