Architecture/Design of jicofo


Hi There,

I am completely new to jitsi. I am trying to understand the whole structure of the architecture.
I downloaded the source code, but I do not have a whole picture about jicofo right now. Is there any architecture/design diagram/note about the jicofo for me to start?

Thanks a lot.



Sorry there is no such doc.



I don’t know if this can help, but when I started working on Jitsi I found a useful document made by a French company called RENATER. The information that it contains may be outdated because it was made in 2015.
Anyways, here’s the link :


Wow, thanks a lot. I think it should be helpful.


Hi, any core concept about jicofo I can dig into? I got colbri right now. Thanks.


I’ve found some old diagram with the conference flow. It’s probably outdated, but might still be helpful:


Thank you very much. I will go through the diagram first. Thanks again.