Apt-get: command not found


Hi Guys,

I was in a process of installing jitsi meet on centos 7, however I got stuck where i have to install the key and below is the error I got:

-bash apt-key: command not found

I googled the web for solution for hours without luck.

I ended up trying yum install apt-key but nothing was found

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,



The jitsi developpers chose Debian as a preferred platform, as you know apt-get is the package installer that you use on Debian.

You can probably forget about apt-key that is used to authenticate packets.

Good luck


Ok so you mean that I can skip that step and proceed with the installation?


Let me know which instructions are you following


Hi Mikygee,

I get instructions from here: https://jitsi.org/downloads/ under debian packages


Probably it will be best that i stop right here and rather install debian because it looks like i bump into a wall anytime I try to move forward. I am now getting issues with apt-get. So im gonna go ahead and install debian and try the process again.

But thanks for helping Miky :slight_smile:


Yes exactly, I chose to stay on my operating system and I’m bumping into walls here and there because the documentation is not so clear.
With Debian you’ll go much quicker.


Thanks Mikygee. :slight_smile: