Applicability of Rx.Java to Jitsi's codebase

Hi, everyone,

First of all I’d like to say thank to Jitsi Team, I’m really happy to see JVB 2.0 is ready.

I’d like to contribute to the project as a third party developer.

One of the general discussions I wanted to raise for a long time is an applicability of library for videobridge and it’s dependencies. is a great library to work with events.

I see a lot of opportunities inside jitsi’s code base where it can be applied.
There are a lot of places in code base where events emitted, where different kind of timers used, etc.

Usage of will unify interface used to raise and listen events and will also add much more abilities to easily compose events.

If there is no strict ‘no’ from Jitsi’s team to adding new dependency on third party library to a project I could do a PR which will demonstrate applicability of What do you think, Jitsi Team?