Apple Pc Chrome issues on self hosted

We have been trying to get non App Jitsi to work on apple with Chrome but the farthest that we have gotten is apple with chrome receives remote video with no local video from the PC/Android with chrome it receives no remote video but local video is working. Apple is continuously updating their OS (latest 2 days ago), to keep a deployment that works with Jitsi is almost impossible because of the codec and in the experimental settings keep changing. This a serious issue in order to maintain the independence from Google and Apples App requirements to send untold client data to them in order to use any App. We can’t have that can we? We have not found any relevant info or documentation regarding config to get our deployment to function similarly. Right now just trial and error.
We are trying to implement a turn co-turn into the deployment, in order to enable websockets…
We have seen that in config.js where everything functions perfectly with safari where the wss are enabled hence our co turn Implementation attempts.
Jitsi latest unstable, google vm, Ubuntu 18 jdk 8
Any help or comments could be quite helpful.