Apple app site association

Hey guys!
Thanks for the awesome work with jitsi as always. :hugs:

As I imagine that you know, we’re using jitsi sdk on our Rocket.Chat apps, and it works very well!
Now, we’re trying to develop a better experience to users that are using our own Jitsi instance (
For this, I have changed some environment keys to redirect users to calls inside our app when it uses links.
I’ve changed the schema:
and I found a file called apple-app-site-association, I have just changed this file:
but is opening a call :confused:
so, how I can achieve the same behavior of
Thanks again. :slight_smile:
I love your product <3

Did you manage to get this working?

For some reason all AASA validator get a 500 from my jitsi domain, but the site is accessible and has SSL

issue with serving SSL from port 4444

You need to serve the file in .well-known, that should allow for less complex web server configuration.