App VS Mobile Web Browser?


does Jitsi support meetings on mobile browsers (like Chrome on Android and iOS) or do users need to install the App?

I’m asking because going to says “You need the JitsI Meet mobile app to join this meeting on your phone.”, so … I guess that’s a No? :wink: On there is a cool kind of a “preview” where you see yourself before joining a room, but after you login as guest and actually joining a room, similar message after all.

I’m on a Noob re. Web RTC, but thought mobile browsers meanwhile to support it as well, so just curious to learn if this is not possible, or could work in theory but is just known to be a PITA so App is the app to go. Or is there some configuration knob that allows this? (I’m going to play with setting up my own instance next.)


Using the web directly is not something we recommend and support. There are many cases which are covered with the app, but not with web, including better OS integration.

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Hi there!

I also would be interested in some slightly more informative coverage on this question.

I have used jitsi with my team several times now, it worked well, we were happy to find it, thanks! I did end up installing the app, from f-droid. But I admit I was surprised at seeing the notice that said I had to. I had followed news about WebRTC for a while and was expecting at least the option to join via browser.

The same issue has been raised recently re: Zoom, and rightly so. In their case, of course, it’s a closed-source app, which is worth an even bigger squint before agreeing to install it on a phone.

But even in the case of an open-source app that’s on f-droid, installing any app on a phone is always a judgment of risk. A service saying “hey! download our awesome app!” is asking people to take a risk, and not asking in the respectful way that is appropriate when asking someone to take a risk.

Likewise, an explanation like “many cases which are covered” and “better OS integration” is ok as far as it goes … it just doesn’t go far enough as a reply to a person who is reasonably asking “why are you advocating I should take this risk? Why should I advocate to my attendees that they should take this risk?”

That sort of an answer would actually say something about the many cases which are covered, and what’s better about the OS integration. Like, specifics.

It would also be useful to know, even if it isn’t recommended or supported, is there a way on a mobile device to elect not to download the app, and continue via the browser? Is there a way for a meeting organizer to expose that option, if it normally isn’t? As there’s already been media coverage of the same issue for Zoom, it would be great to know what the story is here.


It is certainly possible via WebRTC, at least folks at Whereby have implemented it.
Is it possible with jitsi?

I wonder why they decided to write A WHOLE NEW APP, just to avoid getting it to work in the browser

The app uses a webrtc we had tested and we are confident it works. There are many native integrations and some network address workarounds for ipv6, if I remember correctly… Many things that can be controlled. When we started writing the app there was no webrtc browser on ios and not sure whether webrtc was operational in chrome on android …

Hello all,
that means we are “forced” to use the app on mobile? Or is ther a way to use directly on the browser even if we have less features?


Im making a webapp and got jitsi added. I dont think users would so readily download an unrelated application to video chat that is supposed to be integrated.

@angrycoder what sort of webapp are you building? I too am desperate to see Jitsi work across “all” devices and “all” browsers before I can consider using Jitsi. I would be willing to contribute dev assistance…

@steve-clickacall Im building a simple chat application.
I was able to get it working on mobile for now using this:

Hopefully there are no more hiccups.

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nice one! so @angrycoder does your chat application work on all browsers and device combinations 100%? if so I’d love to chat further…

Couldn’t say I’ve tested 100% but so far so good. I’ll test on safari soon.

Shoot me a direct message if you have a specific question I can help you with

have fun testing :wink: if it is 100% on all browsers and devices then you are the king of Jitsi, because it seems to be very difficult.

What browsers aren’t working for you. I’ll test

thanks. safari and firefox on any desk or mobile device

It worked on all. Are you building on windows?

we built on linux a month ago and the browser UI was not fit for market on too many browsers and mobile. but perhaps they have fixed it all now. so that is fantastic that you have it working. would you allow me to test your front-end client? if it works in my tests I would like to have a commercial discussion with you :wink: msg me privately if you wish. have a great day

I was able to get the jitsi work on mobile by using disableDeepLinking: true in /etc/jitsi/meet

But it takes lot of time to load on mobile browser . The library files are heavy . I have enavbled cache but it still does not help

Any suggestions . Do i need to change in the app bundel JS file