App Store Approval - Invalid Export Compliance Code - non-public selectors

I provide the the iOS version of the free client that is based on Jitsi Meet.
The initial version of the app, that I managed to get approved in the App Store, used the JitsiMeetSDK 5.1.0.
Now I tried to update the app using the latest JitsiMeetSDK 7.0.1, but when I try to send my app to the App Store I get the following messages:

Asset validation failed
Invalid Export Compliance Code. The export compliance key value in the app’s Info.plist doesn’t match the key value of the app’s export compliance documentation. To find the correct value, go to My Apps on App Store Connect.

App Store Connect Operation Error
The app references non-public selectors in Payload/ getAuthorizedStatus:, isPassthrough, onSuccess:, removeValuesForKeys:completion:, showLoading

As I understand, the first message meant that a part of the JitsiMeetSDK Framework is now indicating encryption, and I need to set this Export Compliance in App Store Connect. But for this I would need to understand what exactly to set there and what document to provide to prove it.
I assume that the team had the same issue when sending the official Jitsi Meet Client to the App Store and maybe able to provide guidance on this topic?

The second message meant the SDK seem to use unofficial API calls. This message is just a warning, so I should be able to provide the app to the approval process. But I think there it will be refused if unofficial API call are used.
Any advice on this topic?

You need to mark it as if it’s exempt of the extra compliance checks.

HI, I have the same issue with the App Store operation Error… did you find a solution for getting around this issue ?

Thanks in advanced

You need to mark it as exempt.