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I am new here; do accept my apologies for the basic nature of this question.

We are considering Jitsi, but would like to have it embedded within our mobile app (ie, contained within and invoked by a user from within our app). Here are my questions;

  1. Can this be done? Could the default be set to video?
  2. Can the recipient of a call request from one of our users (from within our app) take the call on the browser on his or her mobile - the assumption is that the recipient has not installed Jitsi.

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Hi and welcome.

Yes, we have a mobile SDK which you can embed.

You will not need to install Jitsi app, and as you will have your mobile app with embeded experience in it, they will just enter the call.

Hope this helps. You can check:



Thanks, Damian. Appreciate it.

Best regards,. Jay