APP.conference._room.dial ("jitsi_meet_transcribe") PromiseStatus returning Rejected



I am trying to run jitsi-meet and jigasi for transcription on a custom server. I managed to install jitsi-meet and jigasi and apparently everything is running correctly, I can start sessions normally just like

When I run the command APP.conference._room.dial (“jitsi_meet_transcribe”) at Js console It is returning PromiseStatus rejected. It also does not show any response at the UI. Any clue what this error means? I verified on Jigasi logs and it is not showing any reaction so I suspect that there is something strange in the connections between services.

I am using jitsi-meet and jigasi build from source and nginx for server. The only changes I made was pointing to my domain and associating a SSL certificate to it.



Normally when you see the error you will be able to locate the error jingle message before that and in it there is more descriptive error. But this probably means that jicofo is not seeing jigasi, check jicofo logs did it saw jigasi at all?


I found the error, thank you.

Apparently looks for using local paths from your execution. I was running from root so it was not finding the configuration file properly.

Regards and thanks for the support