Api user can disable camera of others

Hello, I’m using a self hosted jitsi instance with the api as Frontend. I’ve disabled the toolbar options in the config overwrite to not allow a ‘guest’ to mute the camera of another person (key: ‘mute-everyone’). This works on the general toolbar, yet the guest can still click on the ‘hosts’ camera and disable that - for himself and all other guests.
(Just to clarify: we’re NOT using the jitsi role models. We utilized a plugin which disables all roles - so there should not be a moderator in chat and everyone should have the same rights. My undestanding of this was that we can handle all ‘host’ related elements in our own application through the API.

So my question: is there a way to generally disable the ‘mute-the-other-ones-camera’ button?

It seems that this plugin doesn’t work correctly. Normally, guests have no permission to mute the other participants’ camera or mic.

// If set to true all muting operations of remote participants will be disabled.
disableRemoteMute: true,
disableRemoteVideo: true,
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Thank you, that worked great. Sorry must have overlooked that in the config file