API to get simulcast stats

Good morning community

We are facing some issues related to receiving low video quality on LargeVideo component when simulcast is enabled (3+ participants), specially on iOS clients (Android seems to be ok), the bandwidth is the same and I am sure that we are requesting the max height to lib-jitsi-meet with jitsi-meet (setMaxReceiverVideoQuality is 1080). The participant in the main video is also pinned.

So I wonder if there’s some way to query stats from VideoBridge so we can retrieve the following information about Simulcast:

  • Senders available streams resolution
  • Received resolutions in every client (available height & bandwidth of each one that caused them to receive that resolution)

I wonder if there is something already done or if someone has a suggestion about how can I start to develop such API.


I am also facing the same issue, Can anyone suggest the solution for the same ?