api.resizeLargeVideo not working

The width is fixed to window.innerWidth, but the height does not change from the value set in option.

is described as below

I also tried below.
api.executeCommand( ‘resizeLargeVideo’, {
width: window.innerWidth,
height: window.innerHeight

The following message is displayed
2023-04-02T11:40:14.459Z [modules/API/API.js] : Resize large video command received

Please tell me how to deal with it.

thank you

What version of the server components are you running?

jitsi-meet/stable,now 2.0.8319-1 all


ChatGPT suggested the following method.

const newWidth = window.innerWidth;
const newHeight = window. innerHeight;

const cnsiFrame = api.getIFrame();

cnsiFrame.style.width = newWidth + ‘px’;
cnsiFrame.style.height = newHeight + ‘px’;