Api options on web page ignored on phone app


Trying to use the api (my first time using an api).

  1. With these options:

const options = {
roomName: “JitsiMeetAPIExample”,
width: 720,
height: 200,
parentNode: undefined,
configOverwrite: {startAudioOnly: true, localRecording: {enabled: false}},
interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
filmStripOnly: true,

                TOOLBAR_BUTTONS: [
    'microphone', 'closedcaptions', 'desktop', 'fodeviceselection', 'profile', 'etherpad', 'filmstrip', 'invite'

The api is doing what I expect when I open the meeting on my laptop, but in my android phone app I can still see and use Chat on the lower left and on the lower right the settings list (select the sound device, enable low bandwidth mode, more options including raise hand, which works).

How do I get the mobile apps to do what I’ve specified on the web page that opens the meeting?

  1. While tinkering people kept joining my meeting without invitations from me. One with his name shown and, at one point, his face, another shown only as Fellow Jister, and then, after I took the code off of the web page and, I guess, reopened the meeting with the link in my phone app, a guy’s live video appeared on my phone. Were the first two just spiders crawling the web? The last guy seemed surprised when I spoke to him so I think he was real. How can his video show up when I have the options shown above on the page that created the meeting?