API only to use on mobile side (android/iOS) without hard coded UI


We are using JitsiMeet SDK in our Android and iOS applications to implement Video Conference functionality. But what we have encountered is that this SDK only provides ability to customize serverURL, RoomName, displayName and such things. What I want to say is that SDK doesn’t have some kind of API that would give a chance to develop UI ourselves. I think you only have to give class and methods to manage the conference without hard coded UI, such as:
method or class to stream audio/video,
method or class to show opponents video,
method or class to silent audio/video stream,
method or class to get count of currently connected receipents.
method or class to get notification about disconnection/connection (in the current version it has)
method to leave a conference (in the current version it has)

Using such kind of API we can build our own UI I think. Can You please say do you have any plans to add this ability to the SDK.