API needed to extract username from meet.jit.si meeting to external system. Input is no problem

After embedding meet.jit.si into our system called MeetMeHere (MMH), we have been able to add the participating “firstname (username)” from MMH to appear as the jitsi user. We can get our data into jitsi meet but an API needs to be developed to get that data back out (so that if a user clicks on the a user in the meeting, it can send the username to the API (where it could then be used to show a mini profile for example)). Currently we have a manual input box where a user can enter the name of the person for which they would like to see their mini profile but it would be better if a single click of the username could allow us to read the username so that we can automatically open that user’s mini profile on our system (and this could happen while it shows that user on jitsi). Can this API be added? Aaron expressed some interest in this. Thanks, Peter.