Anyone try to connect Jitsui server by using C# client?

I know jitsui server doesn’t have C# SDK.
But,Our customer strongly required to make Windows application, so we are making originaly C#SDK.
The problem is as Fellows:

1.We are connecting to JVM(Jitsi Server) by using Org.webRTC. ( we are using Bosh and WebSocket)
SDP made by Org.webRTC is so different from Jitsui Server’s SDP.
We tried to adjust SDP’s messagePayload comparing error.log from sending message.
but We can’t succeed in establishment of RTCPeerConnection.

error message is as belows:
Starting ICE connectivity establishment
ICE state changed old=Waiting new=Running

How can we know Jitsi’s SDP contents?
Any information is available. Please Help us!!

Development Environment: Visual Studio 2019
Windows SDK: as belows

  • Target Version「Windows 10, version2004 (10.0; Build 19041)」
  • Minimum Version「Windows 10 Fall Creators Updte (10.0; Build 16299)」

NuGet package(part of that):

  • WebRtc (made by: Optical Tone)
  • WebSocket4Net 0.15.2 ((made by: Kerry Jiang)
  • AngleSharp 1.0.0-alpha-844 ((made by: AngleSharp)
  • AngleSharp.Xml 0.16.0 ((made by: AngleSharp)
  • EventEmitter 1.0.1 ((made by: Garry Passarella)

It is not just the sdp, there are many things after that … You basically need to re-implement the whole lib-jitsi-meet and part of jitsi-meet. So check out lib-jitsi-meet code for answers.
Here is another project doing similar thing: GitHub - avstack/gst-meet: Connect GStreamer pipelines to Jitsi Meet conferences
It is a huge project, and the warning is you need to constantly update it, as things behind lib-jitsi-meet constantly changes.

We made C#SDK checking lib-jitsi-meet.
We have re inplemented almost all lib-jitsi-meet.

webRTC will change SDP by the sender’s environment automatically.

We will try to analize jitsi meet code and gstream pipelines.

thank you!