Anyone Successful In Using Mobile In Conferences?


I’d appreciate any insights on getting this to work from Jitsi install to first conference to include an Android phone.




You just need to install using the quick install guide, all steps are written there, also additional configurations needed if running the server behind nat. You will need to install valid certificates to use mobile, Let’s encrypt is offered as an option during installation.
Install Jitsi Meet mobile app and enter a complete url to your deployment and that’s it.


Thank you damencho… I don’t mean to be a pest about this. I will try it on a server I have out there. I’ll need to get a domain name for it first.

The server is 1 CPU and 1 Gig of memory. Is that sufficient for simple testing?



1GB of RAM may work, but may not … cannot give you an advice there, maybe will be enough for simple testing.
8 GB is recommended for running jicofo and jvb on same machine.