Anyone know the price for 8x8 services?

Hi Community,

Does anybody know what is the price of 8x8 services? Im try to look on the info but could not find it? is there anyone know what is the price? or maybe a link so that i could understand more on the price it self.

Thank you in advance

According to my location its $9.99 / month / user.

if possible, i wd not pay 8x8 with a bank card. i think they might offer Google pay. In the U.S., they do not offer Paypal.

They have various kinds of accounts. A Video Meetings Pro acct is 9.99. I would start there if you want to try them. I had an X2 acct (~25/mo). I regret that I spent the money, tho’ fairness obliges me to say that their service is vastly superior to Zoom. I now host my meetings here

@kloro2006 What is Looks like regular Jitsi to me.

the difference is important. at, using a PC and browser, when guests exit the meeting they are greeted with an obnoxious advertisement, which i have described in other posts on this site. At, exiting guests see the traditional Jitsi greeting page.

BTW, for a small membership fee, the mayfirst support people will give you very prompt and very competent help.