Anyone has any idea about integrating Jitsi with Unity3D?

I am trying to integrate JITSI with Unity3D to embed video calling into my Unity3D application targeted towards windows. Is it possible ? Has anyone done something like that before ?

This can be achieved by embedding electron in your app, not sure how is Unity3D architectured and how it is done.
We have an app which can give serve as an example:

Ups, now I saw that I already gave you a similar example to the same question, there is no need to create new threads on the same subject, you can use the old one.
Give more details and info about this Unity3D, does it use electron, how is it build?

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Sorry about that.
Unity3D is a 3D game engine used to build games primarily for iOS and Android platforms. It does not use electron, and I could not find anything that can be used to tie electron and Unity3D. Thanks for the prompt response.

Yeah, you need something that supports webrtc, currently we use it by embedding chrome in the apps, by using electron.