Anyone Else Experiencing 1:00:50 Time Limit for Dropbox Recording and YouTube Streaming?

I cannot say I have tested this thoroughly, but in my recent attempts to use Jitsi Meet for a long (>1.5 hrs) online presentation, YouTube streaming stopped halfway one time, and Dropbox recording stopped halfway another time. The odd thing is that in both times, it stopped around 1:00:50 into the session.

I have not been able to figure out why. Is anyone else experiencing something similar? What are the possible reasons for this? I am using the public server (, by the way.

Any input will be appreciated.



I hour is the limit in

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Oh, wow… thanks. I wish they had made that clear from the get-go, but at least now I know it is a spec, not some error on my part.

According to “The time limit of live streaming and recording”, to remove the recording/streaming time restriction, you’ll have to either self host Jitsi Meet or purchase subscription to 8x8, correct? I am right in thinking the cheapest you could go with 8x8 is $15/user/month?

No, you can get 8x8 Meet Pro for 0.99 / month at

Thanks. Sounds like an awesome deal. Could you please point me to the definitive web page of this info? Actually I vaguely remember seeing it somewhere, but I could not and still cannot find it.



Thanks. Would it be okay for me to post this? You do not get to see this until you create an account with them. It’s a good deal, so I don’t know why they want to hide this.