Anyone can stop recording even if he/she is not the host

Good day,

I provide online training for people from different parts of the world. I always use Jitsi from a web browser. I’m a GNU/Linux User.

Lately, I discovered that ANYONE from the trainees can actually stop the recording.
I always record my online training session. Never faced this issue before with the other groups. However, it seems one certain group is doing this. Whether it’s by mistake or not, this is very wrong, IMHO. Only host must be able to do that. I’m so shocked to know that anyone can actually stop the recording. Not to mention someone managed to enter my session, even though I have a password, and he wasn’t invited.

I love using Jitsi but with issues like that, I have to start looking for other alternatives.

Thank you in advance!

Yes, this is the default behavior for meetings hosted on the public instance at It’s important to understand that is set to be a full-featured demo site that grants every user moderator-level access. This means everyone who uses the site will have the ability to set (and remove or change a password, once in the meeting), start and end recording, kick out other participants in the meeting e.t.c… If you want more control over your meetings, you an either:
a) Host your own Jitsi server - completely free
b) Subscribe to an 8x8 plan (right now, they have a promo for the incredible amount of 99 cents a month! Can’t beat that! And no, I don’t work for the company, nor am I affiliated in any way).

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of hosting your own server, honestly (b) is your best option. I’m not sure of any alternative out there that offers anything close to what Jitsi offers (in quality and features) - and trust me, I’ve looked. The privacy alone is a HUGE selling point for most of us. And the quality is SUPERB!