Anybody know a Hosting Site that will allow Jitsi to be run locally?

Anybody know a Hosting Site that will allow Jitsi to be run locally?

The Hosting Sites that I currently use do not allow me to run Video Conferencing Applications on their servers.

Does anybody know of a Hosting Company that I can install Jitsi and run them from a server?

?? I’d hasard to guess that they are providing only web sites, not full installation. I use OVH and they have offers like that, these are very cheap offers as running a web site does not (usually) take much CPU resource. If you are running a Web site that takes much resources they are kicking you out anyway.
But most hosters are offering servers where you can install a video conferencing solution, often they are touted as with ‘root access’. If you have root access you can install Jitsi-meet - however even then you have to consider if the really available resources will be enough to run if effectively (with cheap hosters it can be a problem if you get a VM heavily overprovisioned) and for a reasonable cost if network bandwidth is metered.

That OVH… do they offer Centos on their servers… Or do you use an “Unmanaged” account?

I am sorry, Does OVH offer Ubuntu servers (Ours has Centos which is the one that doesnt work for Jitsi)???

Most hosters offer Ubuntu servers; OVH does most certainly, I’m sure that in Europe Hetzner does also and beyond the Atlantic many people are saying good things about Digital Ocean, that’s the most often quoted names that you would have found if you had searched the forum first. If you are into Amazon some people are using them too.

I’m pretty sure that jitsi can be deployed on a CEntOS box. I’ve already managed to run it on an and on a godaddy dedicated servers, both with Centos 7.

I should mention that It’s not very straightforward to install and get it running on Centos (in which case you can probably be more comfortable using the docker version).

Just to answer your first question, in my own experience, any dedicated server (and probably a VPS with root access) can and allow you to run jitsi.

Jitsi is easiest to set up on Ubuntu, second easiest on Debian, apparently difficult on CentOS. No reasonable hosting company is going to let you set it up on shared hosting, not the least because of the CPU and bandwidth requirements but also because it requires root access. Best is to get a vps. Digitalocean has an auto install Jitsi on Ubuntu in their marketplace (free) that walks you through a set up in a few steps.