Anybody doing freelance installations?

I’ve spent about a week reading and trying anything/everything I found with google and I still can’t get jitsi meet to install and work properly. I get various forms of successes but something is always broken. But mostly errors.

I’d like to work with someone that more knowledge than me to setup a simple demo. I’m willing to pay for your time.

Thanks Bart

Noob here. I had some pfSense issues a couple of years ago, and found someone on upwork who got it sorted straight away. You might check there. For remote help, you’d need to be Internet accessible, then they could use something like anydesk to run your PC 'as you. Good luck!

Hey Bart,

maybe I can help you. Mind to send me a PM with details?


Hi Th3R3al.

I’m also interested (auto scaling in aws), but have no idea how to send PM here. Can you please send me one?


@Penna Our team has sent you the message for assistance. Please check and let me know if you have any issues further.

Can I also get some help

@Sanjay_Goyal I am looking for jibri setup and auto recording of video. can you help?

If anyone needs a freelancer for Jitsi, reach me on