Any way to share screen with turning off mic? means share screen with app/Tab audio only?

Hi, am using the Latest stable jitsi version 2.0.5765 (21-04-15) through the chrome browser. But whenever i screen share (with audio) and turning off-mic, No audio is receiving at the participant’s end. So, whenever the mic is turning off, the screen share audio is not receiving. Is there is an option to do that? which means share the screen with the system audio-only? Turnin off-mic. I read some comments like WebRTC doesn’t support it and also to use some virtual audio cables…etc. Is this feature is already there? or in the cards?


I would like to see a feature like this, however if you do a search on this wiki, you should find how other people use programs to achieve what you are looking for.

Here are a few links I found on the topic.

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