Any way to control PowerPoint in full screen mode and view as the Same Time?

If I share PowerPoint in full screen on, it is very difficult to navigate between PowerPoint and my browser hosting I’m using Windows, and the only way to navigate between the two windows is to press the ‘Windows’ key to ‘show desktop’ and switch between windows, which is very cumbersome.

Currently, there’s no way to view / control PowerPoint in full screen and view on my browser at the same time. Is there any feature being developed to address this?

Right now, my workaround is to use PowerPoint in ‘Reading’ mode and snap my browser to one half of my screen and PowerPoint to the other half. But of course, reading mode is still not exactly full screen and it would be better if that was possible.

I use dexpot, make my browser window always on top, and move it to the side after resizing it.