Any update on voting and polls?

Hi there!

I was just wondering if there are any plans on voting and polls. See that the conversation seemed to die: Voting/Polls in Jitsi Meet



Looks like this indeed died.
Probably the easisest way to add poll to jisti would be through a chat bot.

Not sur if that option has been explored.
@damencho or @MagicFab maybe ?

No idea, I am not part of 8x8 or the core dev team in Jitsi Meet.


We have been looking at the polls fork created by @mmoanis
thread : Voting/Polls in Jitsi Meet
jitsi-meet PR :
lib-jitsi-meet PR :

can anyone confirm where the prosody modules ( mod_polls.lua / mod_polls_component.lua ) should be loaded - I have presumed it is within the Component / muc ?


I too am having issues setting up the prosody side of this.

The mods don’t seem to be loading after trying various things… (E.g adding a Component like “”) in prosody cfg lua script