Any plans for a room management panel (or existing software)?

This would be a room list, and an option to “delete” the room (kick all participants), join (bypassing the lobby and password) OR showing the password and allowing approving people “knocking”, and set a room moderator forcefully.
Is there any plans for this, or existing addons?

This is because I do not want any “hanging” rooms (rooms with inactive people), and I need sometimes to reenter rooms. (Self hosted instance)

Look at maybe this is Something you are looking for?


If there were translations it would be great.

And from the project page (trying to understand what I find), it does not allow anything I want (or I might be sorta wrong, but I do not know German)

maybe I misunderstood your wishes, here’s some more explanation.
English and French translations are at work:

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Okay, thank you.

Well, still don’t think that would work out. :confused:

It seems too cluttered for me. (Too many features I do not need)

Okay, bumping this with clarification.


  1. Ways to see all active rooms
  2. Kick everyone in a room, disbanding it
  3. Some way to set/view the room password AND allow the admin to make themselves get in with the lobby feature on
  4. Set room moderator

No other clutter, and english please.
(Could not find anything like this)

@user56654546 you know, for someone who’s asking for help - FREE help, to be exact - you’re very demanding, condescending and quite entitled. This is unbelievably disturbing, actually… smh. Perhaps you should move your binder of demands to the “Paid work” section.

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@user56654546 @Freddie @xdaniel
The Software is now fully translated into english and spanish.
Vietnames, french, and chinese is work in progress.

We added the posibility to create appointment polls like you know it from “doodle”

The Software is still work in progress and we are happy for everyones help by contributing.