Any Known unsupported Android Device(s) By Jitsi?

First off I’d like to shout out to this awesome and active community!

Right off the bat, I’d like to ask if there are known unsupported or untested Android device when using Jitsi? Based on previous posts Android 5 above are supported.
We’ve encountered lagging of the sound and at times the video when used on Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. (Android Oreo [8.1]). So far we think Glass has enough hardware to run Jitsi.

Google Glass Specs

Details of our tests:
Jitsi v 20.5.0 apk was loaded.

  1. 1 Android user and 2 PC users join the call with camera all on.
  2. PC Perspective: Using the call stats, first 2-3 minutes the video resolution by Android user is good (640x360 and higher; Glass can handle until 1280x720) and sound is real time
  3. Problem happens usually on the 3rd minute onwards, the video resolution drops until it averages 320x180. the sound also lags from 5 seconds and to around 30 seconds and more.

We tried to compare it with Android smartphones with the same OS (8) and higher ones (10) and the video resolution also averages to 320x180 but the sound lagging does not happen.

For the video resolution issue, I’ve checked on other posts in this community (thank you for all who contributes and answers!), we’ve tried to update the config.js on our self-hosted Jitsi server, but it still doesn’t improve so the next step will be customizing the video bridge so we can set fixed resolutions per user. Referencing Issue 1458

Lastly, is there also a way to customize or improve how the video and audio tracks are encoded (from the sender of the image/sound) and decoded (by the recipient of the image/sound)?

Hoping for someone to shed some light on this situation. Thanks in advance!