Answering by mail


I tried to answer to an answer to a post received by mail, and strangely enough “answer” simply doesn’t work, and result to a message of error being returned (cited below, it talks about incorrect message-id while I find it is correct, as well as References and In-Reply-To headers) while “answer to all” results to no answer, nor the thing being posted to the forum.

“We’re sorry, but your email message to [“”]
(titled Re: [Jitsi Community Forum - developers & users]
[Developers] Cant create a dash in conference names) didn’t work.

None of the destination email addresses are recognized, or the
Message-ID header in the email has been modified. Please make sure
that you are sending to the correct email address provided by


Test reply via email.


Hum it seems it works for me. What is the destination email you used, it should be something like:


Ok, just noticed the Reply-To header my mail client wasn’t honoring, going to see why.


Also, sadly, this whole thread wasn’t sent to me by mail: is there a way to answer by mail to stuff you didn’t receive by mail? and a way to receive stuff you posted yourself or stuff posted while you were on the website? and a way to rereceive by email already sent stuff (kind of like downloadable archives in mbox format you can find in many mailing-lists)?


I have no idea … what I can advise is forward your questions to the discourse’s forum. This is instance is hosted by them and then can help you with these specific questions.


Is there a mail adress that could be used to post on their forum?


No idea, I suppose there is, you can check on

Our community wanted us to move away from mail and use a forum based place to ask questions, in a result people started using gihub issues to ask questions and we moved away from the mailinglists …


FWIT email seems to be working fine for me – I can reply, and I receive everything.