Another browser support thread

Hello everyone!

We want to use Jitsi for oral exams at our University. For that purpose, stability is key, thus we are blocking Firefox (UNSUPPORTED_BROWSERS=[‘firefox’] in interface_config.js).
However, I could not find any information whether or not it is safe to use chromium-based Edge browsers. I did some research but there is a lot of outdated and contradictory information out there.

Does anyone have a real idea if it is possible to allow Edge? Maybe only a specific version of it? And if so, how can I enable it (=what’s the name to be put in the SUPPORTED_BROWSERS list)?
It seems that with our current setup of interface_config, using the latest Edge browser still get the “You are not supported, you shall not pass!” message (without it being explicitly listed in UNSUPPORTED_BROWSERS nor SUPPORTED_BROWSERS).

And one more question: maybe someone also knows the same things for Safari. Can it be safely used without causing trouble to the call over all and/or the user? And if so, what’s to be put in the SUPPORTED_BROWSERS list?

Oh and it is stated that browsers that a not mentioned in either list are considered “suboptimal”. What does that mean? Do they also get the “You’re browser is unsupported. You shall not pass!” message?

So, thanks in advance for your help guys! Cheers!

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Any ideas about this? (bump) :slight_smile:

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