Anonymous Participants

Is there a way to otherwise identify anonymous participants. We have a meeting and a ‘Fellow Jitster’ is causing problems schilling the comment thread and kicking speakers from the meeting. Can a username be required so problems can be addressed? Can the system identify them in a unique way so others know which ‘Fellow Jitster’ is causing problems? Is there thought on adding moderator functionality and restricting kick and mute from non moderators? JitSi is a great platform but these tweaks need to be considered.

Can you at least restrict functionality to non-named participants? Dis-allow kick/mute/Assign to breakout room if they didn’t identify themselves with a handle? Just a thought

I assume you’re using the public instance at As with any Jitsi instance, you can create a password that you share with only those you intend to join the meeting. You can also enable the lobby, so you’re able to filter who gets in. The best option in your scenario though might be to use Moderated meetings. That way, only the host has Moderator privileges.

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