Announce: jitsi-svelte 0.1.1

I’d like to announce a new library for Jitsi + Svelte developers: jitsi-svelte

I’ve been working with lib-jitsi-meet for a few months now and have a little bit of an understanding of its API. A little while ago, we switched to using svelte as our HTML framework in Relm and I’ve absolutely loved it. The only tricky bit was figuring out how to get reactive svelte code to work in conjunction with lib-jitsi-meet. With jitsi-svelte it should be much easier–all of the necessary reactive stores have been built for you.

Another nice-to-have is a component we call the “Mirror,” which is what users expect to see when they first set up their cam & mic–a screen where they can see themselves and choose to enter with mic on or camera off, for example. It also allows for hardware configuration like choosing which camera or mic to use (on Chrome only, for now).

This is a first release, so don’t expect a rock-solid library; however, if you’re looking for an easier way to build a custom Jitsi app and have a contributing spirit, I think you’ll enjoy it (and we’d love to make it better together).

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As a huge fan of Jitsi - this is excellent news!

This looks great. I’ve been playing around with Svelte recently and was considering building a front-end to Jitsi Meet with it - I’ll definitely start by taking a good look at this! Please keep us posted on your experiences, I’m sure there is plenty of interest in putting these two together. Best of luck with Relm!

Thanks! I’ll do that.

jitsi-svelte 0.3.0 is out. It now handles screen sharing and mic volume. The example app has also been updated.

I’m having difficulty tracking down a strange problem that makes it not work in Chrome right now. Firefox is fine. If anyone can help, it would be appreciated.