Android using JitsiMeetView when buildToggleScreenShareIntent not working

Hi, I working with own build Android SDK and using JitsiMeetView and call buildToggleScreenShareIntent, the alert to share screen is prompt but after click OK, the view remain camera view and nothing happened (no error), but I tested with Android SDK example from Jitsi Meet working fine. May I know am I need to do any extra step when using custom JitsiMeetView with buildToggleScreenShareIntent ?


Check our JitsiMeetActivity. There are things that need to be wired with the view so everything works. Generally speaking we encourage users to go for the Activity rather than the view, since it’s easy to miss things.

Any reason why you cannot use the Activity?

I need to customise the view, for Jitsi own view will cover the whole screen. I just want to show the jitsi view part of my activity

What my problem is the screen share is blank for others, and once I go to foreground my connection lose for other parties (I added android permission for foreground)

Set JitsiMeetOngoingConferenceService launch to public and generate SDK, call when conference join

JitsiMeetOngoingConferenceService.launch(this) solve the issue.

Good point, we should probablly make it public.