Android UI call - methods & callbacks

Hello, i was wondering if there is a way to implement custom onClick methods for hangup button and other UI elements in Android Jitsi call. How can i change this?

I am developing on Windows.

Please provide a little bit of an example to get some onclick events out to native sdk

We figured out and were able to reverse engineer it pretty eaasily. Kudos for making it easy Jitsi! Thank you.

We getting all the required events on Android. and also added custom buttons as required

hi, can you show me how you added custom buttons in the call interface?


If you want to add a button next to Mute Mic or Mute video, you’ll create two new files wherever the mute mic and mute video button js is located, like:

AbstractNewButton... .js
NewButton... .js

Copy the same files from mute mic or video, makes it easier.
Then you need to create a dispatchable action, so add this action to toolbox/actions or somewhere where it makes sense.

in the handler of button click of new button, dispatch this new action.

in the /external-api/mobile and external-api/ (web) you can import that action and then call the function sendEvent()

lastly make sure to add this new button to the toolbox view, just exactly like mic or video button.
trace it out, I back traced out onConferenceTerminated event from native to react code, and used Search all Files to find answers. Try it out!