Android TV

How come there’s no client for Android TV? Any plans for a release anytime soon?
The ‘regular android’ app does not work well with the Android TV interface and the CEC remote.
A TV box (or stick), a USB cam and Jitsi… sounds like a good plan these days

Is there any other better setup for non-business VC than a sofa talk?


Just curious, if you install Chrome on your Android TV and then open the meeting in there? Maybe use a User-Agent Switcher to prevent any messages about needing the app. Does that work?

On my SonyTV, neither Chrome nor Firefox is available from the GooglePlayStore. :frowning:
VLC is available… has anyone tried that?

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Main issue seems to be enabling the camera. I can make the cam work in specific apps like ‘web camera’ or OTG check but regular android jitsi app won’t recognise it. Same for desktop version of jitsi meet page on the browser.

Yes I tried. Same experience.