Android SDK Permissions

Hey everyone!
I’m working on an Android app, which use Jitsi for audiovideo calls and I have met some strange behavior, when I started work on app permissions, so I have one question - is it necessary for Jitsi to have microphone permission to just send camera output?
When I give my app permission.RECORD_AUDIO and don’t give the permission.CAMERA, it works fine - only microphone is available and camera not. But when i reverse that situation and grant permission.CAMERA and don’t permission.RECORD_AUDIO, both camera and microphone is not working.


Microphone permission shouldn’t be necessary to just send video. What SDK version are you using?

I’m using that version: org.jitsi.react:jitsi-meet-sdk:4.1.0

Please test version 6.2.2, we have no resources to dig into bugs in old releases.