Android SDK: crash with Class not found when unmarshalling:

I have created a JitsiActivity which like the SDK sample calls JitsiMeetActivity.launch when a button is pressed. The activity is started as follows:

Intent nintent = new Intent(this, JitsiActivity.class);

JitsiActivity is launched from two places (i.e. 2 different activities in my app). In one case, everything works fine. In the other, the app crashes with the following trace:

08-03 14:26:05.780 1073 8092 E Parcel : Class not found when unmarshalling:

and later

08-03 14:26:05.905 27871 27871 E AndroidRuntime: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{itvs.itvsplayer/}: android.view.InflateException: Binary XML file line #7: Binary XML file line #7: Error inflating class fragment

08-03 14:26:05.905 27871 27871 E AndroidRuntime: Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.nio.channels.FileLockInterruptionException

This is in debug mode running from Android Studio on a modern Samsung tablet. I’ve double checked the proguard rules and the latest android sdk integration docs. I’ve also used dex2jar to see that indeed the class exists in the apk file (4595 Mon Aug 03 14:04:01 PDT 2020 org/jitsi/meet/sdk/JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.class).

I’ve been pulling my hair out for days on this. Any help would be most appreciated!

I just built the SDK and the root cause of this problem seems to be that the call to

SoLoader.init(activity, /* native exopackage */ false);

in ReactInstanceManagerHolder fails with a FileLockInterruptionException (line 184)

In case anyone else encounters this…I solved the problem by adding

SoLoader.init(activity, /* native exopackage */ false);

into my app well upstream of launching the JitsiMeetActivity