Android Screen share not working properly when we have 2 participants in meeting

Issue is occuring in jitsii meet current playstore version
steps to reproduce:-

  1. Create meeting and add one more user to meeting
  2. make sure to have 2 participants only (moderator + 1)
  3. start screen share and stop
  4. share screen again , Not working

Is this on or on your private server?


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To be clear about the issue you’re reporting, you’re saying screen sharing works the first time, but after stopping it, if you try to share again, it doesn’t work? Do you get any error message? And does this only happen with 2 people in a meeting or do you also experience it with more than 2 people? What android version are you running on the device?

yes this issue is happening only if meeting contains 2 participants , if 3rd participant joins it is working normally

yes it doesn’t work when i share screen second time ,

I didn’t find any ERROR in log

Android 10

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