Android > React Native > 6.0.0 SDK > o.default.configureProps is not a function

Hey guys,
I have been running the Android SDK and I get the following message(In IOS works just fine):

2022-08-02 18:42:43.569 6787-6903/app.E/JitsiMeetSDK: [features/app] Error(TypeError){“message”:“.default.createNode is not a function. (In '.default.createNode(this.__nodeID,(0,t.default)({},this.__nodeConfig))', ‘_.default.createNode’ is undefined)”,“stack”:"…


  • I integrate the SDK through my own dependency.
  • On the bare project (not the dependency) I am using the latest react-native-reanimated, It can have to do with that? if I do, does someone know how to fix the version that Jitsi meet wants instead of changing my version on the project since it’s a lot to refactor?

Not sure what that could be. The next SDK version will not have reanimated, hopefully that helps, it has been a tricky dependency…