Android. Last characters in the chat missing

I have implemented the SDK in my application both android and iOS. However few characters of the string are missing. Happens only on android devices. iOS works fine. Happens while chatting and also some of the menu item labels. I downloaded the Jitsi meet app for android from playstore encountered the same issue there as well.

Hey there,

I’ve never seen this before. What Android device and version is that? Can you reproduce it with the simulator?

@saghul : One plus 6t(Android 10), Moto G5s (7.1.1) and Samsung s10 Lite(10). I even checked the Jitsi meet app available on Google play store. Open the navigation drawer you’ll see the same issue for menu items as well. Yes I can reproduce it with emulator.

@saghul : One of the issues I faced after adding the dependency to the gradle was that while building the app I got this error : More than one file was found with OS independent path ‘lib/x86/’
So I added : packagingOptions {
merge ‘**/*.so’

to the build.gradle file.

I just checkeed the app on 3 separate Android devices and cannot reproduce the problem…

@saghul : I have used a different font family in my app. (opens_sans.ttf) it is because of this. Try adding the file in font folder in res folder and setting the font to your application theme in manifest.

@pratik1116: I am also facing the same issue … I haven’t added any font family. Were you able to resolve the issue ?

@partha_sai : not exactly.I changed the font back to default before launching the jitsi activity. Not ideal but I didn’t have much time. For me the font was the only thing causing this. Otherwise it’s working fine.

@pratik1116 I am facing same issue. I have used third party library for custom font. I have used Is your given solution working? If it is so then can you please elaborate?

I have the same issue. Last character on some texts missing on android phones. Any news?

I set font dynamically in my application. So when I launch the Jitsi Activity I set font to default font. And when the activity is destroyed I set it back to whichever font family was selected earlier. (My app contains multiple font-families)

I think I found the problem. My phone (OnePlus 6T) uses its own proprietary font. With this font, the UI gets broken. Forcing the app to Roboto, fixes the issue. Seems to be a react-native issue.